Bono informs Swift, On "The Graham Norton Show," he is a "Swiftie."

When both celebrities appeared on the same programme of The Graham Norton Show in the UK on Friday

Graham Norton brought up the notion of the stars collaborating (Oct. 28).

Swift was called to the show to discuss her latest album, Midnights, while Bono was promoting his new book, Surrender.

Have you ever collaborated? Norton enquired of the two.

Swift said, "Not yet," but she added, "We'll talk about it later."

The possibility of a collaboration between Swift and the U2 leader may not be entirely implausible given the singer's apparent intention to tease the audience.

Bono declared, "I'm a Swiftie." Swift put her palm to her heart after hearing the comment.

Swift added, "He's really lovely; he sent me roses when I played in Dublin

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