Fans wonder what happened to Millie Bobby Brown's accent as she arrives on The Tonight Show with an American twang.

When Millie Bobby Brown went on The Tonight Show on Thursday to promote her new movie, Enola Holmes 2, she puzzled viewers with her shifting accent.

The 18-year-old British beauty was born and raised in Dorset, England, and although she portrays an English investigator in her latest film

she spoke to Jimmy Fallon with the accent of a native Californian.

Since Millie is best known for her part in the American Netflix series Stranger Things

viewers were eager to turn to Twitter to express their shock. One fan even commented that they were unaware that Millie was British.

Why are people so upset that Millie Bobby Brown has dropped her British accent?

Wait, why is Millie Bobby Brown speaking with an American accent right now?

"That should be a blessing." Where did her accent go?

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