She claims, "Don't you just admire women's courage when they speak out against flashing their bodies on Instagram

while receiving accolades and standing their ground? 

They claim, "This is NOT something I would do," but those same women are the ones who have films featuring them

devouring and sucking on handcrafted ice cream that cost four million dollars to produce."

As she continues, Britney expresses her opinion that it is dishonest for someone to engage

in a sexually explicit music video while simultaneously criticising others for flaunting their curves for Instagram.

All of the hints she provides point to Selena. As we previously stated, SG is the only individual in recent memory

The music is "Ice Cream" by BLACKPINK, a K-Pop girl group.

The Instagram photo is still active on Britney's page, but the caption has been changed to only include three flowers.

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