For Halloween, Frankie Jonas and his girlfriend Troll dressed as Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift, respectively.

The smallest brother of the Jonas Brothers just pulled a funny Halloween prank on one of his big brothers.

On October30, Frankie,22, posted pictures of himself and his girlfriend Anna Olson in costume as Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift, respectively, on social media.

Frankie and Anna, who have been seeing one other for a while, recreated a scene from the 2008 concert movie Jonas Brothers

The 3D Concert Experience where the former pair sang Taylor's song "Should Have Said No." in one Instagram snap.

Joe's younger brother posted a video of their reenactment along with video game battle sounds on TikTok.

Additionally, Frankie shared a video of himself posing as Joe.

Frankie also uploaded a closeup of two hands wearing what he described as "identical purity rings" in his Instagram post

which their father Paul Kevin Jonas loved. This was a throwback to Joe's go-to jewellery in the beginning of his career.

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