By embracing the meta-ness, Gabriel LaBelle was able to outperform 2,000 other actors and land the role of a young Steven Spielberg.

While Sammy Fabelman comes quite close, Gabriel LaBelle's portrayal of a young Steven Spielberg in The Fabelmans falls short.

He relocates to Arizona with his family in the late 1950s, develops a passion for creating home movies, 

witnesses the dissolution of his parents' marriage—all of these events actually happened to Spielberg

who also co-wrote the screenplay and directed the movie. 

 However, LaBelle's performance isn't quite a copy. 

 In part because the director advised him not to, he adopts Spielberg's tensed stance but refrains from trying to match

the present level of his voice or utilise run-on sentences. 

He wears green contact lenses but has a rounder face.

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