Can You Be a Feminist If You Still Want to Cook?, worries Gwyneth Paltrow.

In the boardroom and the kitchen, Gwyneth Paltrow puts in twice as much effort

The Academy Award winner, who turned 50 on September 27, spoke about her love of cooking as she grew older.

I'm very delighted to be 50, the founder of Goop told People magazine. "When I hit 40

 I won't be as appealing as I once was, and society won't want me.

"I don't care if people find me attractive or not; I've never felt better in my own skin." I cherish myself. It's fantastic

Cooking a "boyfriend brunch" for her husband Brad Falchuk was one of those "wonderful moments."

"I prepare for Brad because he loves breakfast, and he really feels the love," Paltrow added.

Can I get you some guacamole and a quesadilla? It puts me in a whole different frame of mind.

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