Engineers are urged to print out their code for evaluation on Elon Musk's first day on Twitter.

Twitter has been taken over by Elon Musk

Musk ordered the Twitter developers to print out their code on the first day of work so he could evaluate it.

Musk reportedly requested the programmers to demonstrate the most recent software code they had written.

Also requested were the printed codes from the engineers.

As soon as he took over, Musk sacked Parag Agarwal, Vijay Gadde, and Nel Segal, the CFO of Twitter.

The Tesla CEO wants to cooperate with humanity and turn Twitter into a "free" zone.

Several Tesla engineers were summoned to Twitter's San Francisco offices, according to a Bloomberg article, so they could see the company's code.

To "evaluate and explain to Musk," the engineers were requested to display the code.

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