In a new series to test human endurance, Chris Hemsworth participated in ice-water surfing and a Navy SEAL-style drowning drill, but he injured his ligaments in the process.

For the upcoming television series "Limitless," actor Chris Hemsworth underwent a number of difficult physical tests.

He tests the limits of human endurance in the documentary series by doing things like surfing in extremely cold water.

Hemsworth put his body under a lot of hardship while training for "Thor" at the same time.

According to Men's Journal, Chris Hemsworth undertook severe feats for a new TV series, including pulling a truck and going without food for four days.

He even tried a Navy SEAL drill and swam in freezing water.

The new six episode series "Limitless," which will premiere on Disney+ on November 16 

 explores the possibilities of the human body via a series of arduous tests, starring the "Thor" actor.

Hemsworth admitted to Men's Journal that during filming the series and practising for his role as Thor, he tore ligaments and hurt his back.

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