Iron Man finally encounters his father Howard Stark in the comics, bringing a beloved Avengers: Endgame moment full circle.

However, for a very crucial reason, this encounter is considerably more heartbreaking than it was in the MCU.

Due to the numerous character beats that wrapped up the stories of the original six Avengers, 

especially Tony Stark, the movie is recognised by fans as one of the greatest in the MCU. 

However, while the world around him crumbles in A.X.E: Avengers #1,

Iron Man reunites with an illusion of his father, though it may not actually be an illusion.

The Avengers spend the majority of Avengers: Endgame's second act travelling across time to collect the six Infinity Stones, 

which they will use to reverse Thanos' decision to kill half the universe's inhabitants. 

Captain America and Iron Man are forced by unforeseen events to divert to the 1970s in order to collect additional Pym Particles,

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