In the Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin trailer, see Jameela Jamil Transform Into a German Pop Star.

The official teaser for Peacock's upcoming series Bumper in Berlin, which debuts Nov. 23

features Adam Devine's Bumper Allen seven years after his previous appearance in Pitch Perfect 2.

The journey starts with a phone call from Flula Borg

a fellow Pitch Perfect alum, whose Pieter Krämer pushes Bumper to take his skills abroad after one of his TikToks becomes popular in Berlin.

I'm moving to Germany, sweetie, Bumper announces in the opening scene.

He meets Heidi (Sarah Hyland), his new secretary, when he first arrives in Europe, and she immediately captures his attention.

The gang strives to get Bumper a position performing at the Germany Unity Day performance, or as Heidi puts it

"It's like the Fourth of July meets a Super Bowl Halftime Show," with assistance from Pieter's sister Thea (Lera Abova).

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