Jennifer Aniston addressed Matthew Perry about his substance problems, as he recalls.

Matthew Perry has been openly discussing his long road to recovery as well as the difficulties

he faced when appearing on NBC's "Friends" and bouncing back and forth between alcohol and Vicodin addictions.

In a passage from his new book "Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing,"

In an excerpt from the biography, Perry, 53, recalls the woman saying, "I know you're drinking," according to the Times of London.

"I was fine ever since she started dating Brad Pitt; I had long since moved past her, and I knew precisely how long to gaze at her without talking to her,"

How could you know? I said. I never went to work buzzed. I've been attempting to conceal it.

In another part of the excerpt, Perry talked about how he "never" worked while intoxicated or high (although he "certainly worked hungover")

 he said that his castmates helped him a lot by "grouping around [him] and prop[ping] [him] up" like an injured penguin being supported by the other penguins.

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