Kendall Jenner Dresses Up for Halloween in a Sexy Toy Story Costume.

As the red-headed Toy Story cowgirl Jessie for Halloween2022, Kendall Jenner posted a photo of herself on Instagram on October29. Her outfit will have you yodelling, "Yodel-ay-ee-hoooo guy."

The Kardashians star, whose brown hair was dyed red earlier this year, wore a crop top, chaps, and denim shorts along with a cowboy hat to give the character's look a sexual, adult twist.

In the model's caption, she quoted a passage from the 1999 Disney-Pixar animated film Toy Story 2

in which Jessie made her debut, saying.

The popular movie series, which currently has four instalments, centres on a collection of toys that belonged initially to a boy named Andy

 Then, after he departs for college, to a young girl named Bonnie.

"Well aren't you simply the loveliest space toy."

Many people complimented Kendall on her Halloween attire.

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