Khloe Kardashian Calls Out Tristan Thompson’s “Crock of Shit”

Khloe pondered on inciting a disturbance during the Hulu reality series' April launch on the Oct. 27 episode of The Kardashians.

She yelled "liar" at the time as a scene with ex-Tristan Thompson talking about wanting to start a family together played out.

Khloe, who is the mother of the NBA star's newborn kid and True Thompson,4, stated in a confessional, "I felt as if the whole auditorium was gazing at me."

"Simply put, I thought, "This is so weird." Because it's a complete crock of s—.

Why the hell not?

I listened to you and accepted what you said because I thought you were telling the truth.

You're an f-king liar, though!"

Regarding her outburst, Well, she said, "It just came out."

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