Leni Klum responds to comments about nepotism

Leni Klum is aware that her route to modelling has been simpler than others'.

The 18-year-old opened out about how much her parents contributed to the start of her modelling career as the daughter of Heidi Klum and Seal.

When asked about the nepotism baby cliche, Leni responded, "My parents are famous," in an interview with People that was published on October 27.

"I did get assistance when I first started, and I am aware that few individuals could have started with what I did.

I'm extremely appreciative that I was able to use my mother's gift to me.

Leni did, however, mention that she is also doing her part.

But she added, "I am working and putting in the time.

"I currently work for myself, travel alone, and attend school.

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