Maren Morris Pokes Fun at Brittany Aldean Feud With Halloween Costume Idea

Maren Morris recently demonstrated that there is a costume idea for anything, so forget about having a song for everything.

The singer of "My Church" suggested dressing up as herself for Halloween on her Instagram. Maren is the star of "Lunatic Country Music Person."

On October28, she posted a picture of a Spirit Halloween costume bag with the cheeky suggestion and the word "SPOOKY SZN" to her profile.

It also made mention of Maren's recent argument with Jason Aldean's wife Brittany Aldean

which led to Tucker Carlson of Fox News referring to Maren as a "lunatic country music person" in the course of the drama.

To play off on her diminutive stature, Maren's faux costume pack, which is labelled as child size

Includes a few accessories including a tambourine, a wig, "inclusive fans," and "beef with bacon."

The revised version makes it clear that Ryan Hurd, Maren's spouse, who is referred to as a "tall guy," is not featured.

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