Odie Whittaker takes her last turbulent turn in the Tardis.

In tonight's feature-length regeneration episode, Jodie Whittaker embarks on her final journey as the Doctor while chaos abounds throughout time.

Infamous paintings are being vandalised, a faraway world's bullet train is attacked, seismologists on Earth in the year 2150 mysteriously vanish, and the shadowy Rasputin has the Russian tsar's court spellbound in 1916.

The Daleks, Cybermen, and the Master are just a few of the numerous enduring enemies that must be defeated.

Fortunately, Sophie Aldred and Janet Fielding, who played Ace and Tegan in the 1980s, are around to lend a hand.

But only one thing is certain: at the end of it all, the Doctor will look very different.

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