Ranking of Jennifer Lawrence's top performances!”

In this low-budget independent film about young individuals who are attempting to make it in Los Angeles, 

18-year-old Jennifer Lawrence played a blink-and-you'll-miss-it role.

Willa Holland, Vinessa Shaw, Fiona Dourif, and Erik Smith, who portrays a singer-songwriter

sings a copy of Ricky Nelson's classic song Garden Party about having to please oneself rather than everyone else, are all supporting actors in the movie.

Lawrence appears in a single scene where several young women are sulking aimlessly at a coffee shop. 

To fill out her background role, Lawrence attempts to light a cigarette but ostensibly fails.

Here's a true oddity: a stilted psycho-melodrama that might, in a different era, have starred Bette Davis or Joan Crawford.

When it was created in 2007, it was almost deemed unreleaseable, but it was released six years later,

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