The Stunning Costumes Heidi Klum Wears Prove She's the Halloween Queen

Heidi Klum is usually horrifyingly attired for Halloween.

Every year for the eerie season, the supermodel makes an appearance and disappears, frequently changing into bizarre animals and figures.

The America's Got Talent judge has even earned the moniker "Queen of Halloween" due to her fervent devotion to the occasion.

Heidi's costumes are unrivalled, from dressing as an anatomical body to channelling Fiona from Shrek.

And she's prepared to stun everyone at her yearly Heidiween party.

At The Daily Front Row's Fashion Media Awards on September 10

The former Project Runway anchor predicts that making this year's outfit will take 14 hours, but she insisted that the wait will be worthwhile.

She stated, "I can't let my Halloween fans down."

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