Top Gun: Maverick is, of course, Empire's Triumph of 2022. 

 What else might it be, then? A tribute to a '80s classic that is also a modern masterpiece in its own right.

 It is nostalgic while yet being forward-thinking, and it features some of the most breathtaking aerial action sequences ever put on screen.

It's the most exhilarating, gut-wrenching movie experience in a while, especially in IMAX.

Tom Cruise has increased the level of his extreme daring antics over the course of just the past ten years, 

 swinging from planes and dangling from skyscrapers. However, it turns out that Maverick's main set piece was even for him too severe. 

The pilots' two minutes and fifteen-second demonstration run of the course 

they must complete in order to fulfil their once unachievable mission, which Maverick

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