You Might Have Missed Heidi Klum's Swift Transition From Worm Halloween Costume to Sexy Sheer Outfit.

At her yearly Halloween party in New York City on October 31

 Heidi Klum stunned guests with a wholly engrossing earthworm costume.

he supermodel then stripped off to unveil yet another legendary appearance.

After releasing her arms and legs, Heidi changed into a stunning sheer body suit with accent rhinestones.

She wore the shimmering outfit, but kept her textured prosthetic face on, creating an awkward contrast.

The America's Got Talent judge had earlier that evening squirmed along the red carpet while dressed as a larger-than-life worm, epidermis and all.

Tom Kaulitz, her husband, participated in the joke as well by dressed as a fisherman and having one of his eyes gouged out.

At her party, Heidi told the media, "I tried to go outside the box to come up with alternative things.

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